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Teresa Flores
Teresa Flores

Guidance Counselor

Phone: 660-428-1035


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NetSmartz Kids

This is a website with interactive activities that help children learn how to be safe while using the internet.

Welcome to the Counselor's Page!

Here you will find information on events I have going on at school, as well as other information that might be of help to you. Please check the calendar. As always, if there is a need that your child or you may have, please feel free to contact me at school.  

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  • UPCOMING EVENTS - events like Red Ribbon Week with dress up theme days, Make a Difference Week, Bully Buster Week, etc.


  • Question: I know sticking to a regular routine is good for my student.  However, I work two jobs, and it's not always easy. What do I do?
  • Answer: Children (and parents!) function best when they follow a familiar pattern each day. Try putting routines in writing that may help you establish and stick to them. Help your youngster make a daily schedule to hang on the refrigerator. EX:  7:00 am, eat breakfast, 7:45 am, go to school, 7:00 pm do homework, etc.  Then, encourage him/her to refer to it throughout the day.  Post your work schedule on the fridge, too.  Your child will know what time you'll be home and which days you are off.  Then, each morning, go over your schedules so he/she knows what to expect.  (Your schedules make a good reference for sitters and grandparents too).