Cleanest School

Cleanest School in the District (3rd Quarter)

It is time to announce the "Cleanest School in the District for the 3rd quarter.  Congratulations to the South School for winning the award. Thank you to the students, teachers, administrators, and other staff for helping with the award. Big Thank you and Congrats to Cynthia Adams and Luanne Fliss for their dedication and time in winning the "Cleanest School in the District.

Teachers and Students celebrating the win!

 Here were the overall scores:

  • South School        2.91

  • High School           2.88

  • Middle School      2.88

  • North School        2.81

Our overall scores did drop from the 2nd quarter, but there was a change in focus this quarter. It is an area that the staff is aware of now and are looking to improve. Comment from the inspector, Tom Barnes: “OVERALL-The district is still on course to maintaining clean buildings. They should not be discouraged, and their efforts are truly noticeable, and everyone should be commended on their efforts.”  

Tim Snider, our maintenance director, said "I have to say I am very proud of my staff and all the other staff that helps make our school look good. Our goal is to be at 3.0 and we are almost there. There are areas as a whole that we still need to work on, and they will come in due time."

Once again, we are very proud of our staff and the dedication they show to our school district to keep it clean! Keep up the great work.